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    Mini Led Display
    The national symbol of the United States, the Bald Eagle, could see its current summer range decrease by
    nearly 75% in the next 65 years. The Common Loon, icon of the north and state bird of Minnesota, may no
    longer be able to breed in the lower 48 states by 2080.
    The Baltimore Oriole, state bird of Maryland and mascot for Baltimore’s baseball team, may no longer nest in the Mid Atlantic, shifting north instead to follow the climatic conditions it
    requires.Subscribe to Our Newsletter!”We know that climate variables including temperature and precipitation determine where most birds live and where they don’t, because it is too hot, for example,” said Terry Root,
    a Nobel Prize winning Stanford University professor
    who serves on Audubon’s board of directors but was not involved in the study.

    led display At the top of the hour, we speak with PC
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    for 2018. We find out how you can sponsor someone in need
    for the holidays from Colleen Ritchie with Shelter
    Nova Scotia. led display

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